Jill's Ceramics


Add some fun to any event with ceramic crafts!

Ceramic Crafts


Jill's Event Planning, based in West Nyack, New York, specializes in the usage of ceramic crafts to add fun to events like birthday parties, activities and all kinds of get togethers.

Girls painting ceramic crafts.
Kids painting ceramic crafts.
Ceramic Crafts


Open Ceramics


Stop by and enjoy a day or night of art and fun!

Paint and take home that night, or fire and glaze!


Call to book a great birthday party, Girl Scout trip and more!


All groups welcome. Call for availability.


Day outings offered for all camps. Please call for availability.

Add Ceramic Fun To:

  • Kid's Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Weddings
  • Girl Scout Trips
  • Baby Showers

Fun & Excitement

We can do a party any time. Our hours are flexible—we work with our customers' schedules to offer extended hours. Ceramic parties are affordable, environment is relaxed, and parties are a world of fun!

After your ceramic party, everyone has a ceramic piece to take home and enjoy. It's also a great place for kids to come after school, and a place for mothers to get together with friends to have a relaxing evening.

Weekends open for parties, camp outings, and group sessions!


You invite the friends, we supply the fun!

For more information about having fun with our ceramic projects and crafts, you can email us at info@jillsceramics.com or call us at 845-623-4975